Spezia Fans Target Napoli with Ugly Chants in Bologna Clash

The Stadio Alberto Picco in La Spezia was the site of unfortunate events on the final matchday of the 2021/22 season, as Napoli cruised to a 3-0 victory amid scenes of chaos between sets of fans of both teams. Clashes between Aquilotti and Partenopei supporters forced the encounter to be paused for a good 10/15 minutes before proceedings restarted.

Spezia fans subjected the visiting team and their fans to derogatory and demeaning chants throughout the game – first directing their songs at Argentine legend Diego Maradona, before attacking Napoli by singing: “Vesuvius wash them with fire”. Hideous altercations then unfolded, for which both groups were condemned.

For whatever reason it may be, the Spezia faithful have continued the chants even without the presence of Napoli on the pitch. The Aquilotti welcomed Bologna to the Alberto Picco, and during their momentary lead in the second half, before Marko Arnautovic bagged the equalizer in the 2-2 draw, voices exploded from the club’s Curva Ferrovia with reference to Vesuvius’ eruption once again.

As per TuttoNapoli, Spezia fans sang the ‘usual shameful chorus’: “Vesuvius erupts, all of Naples is destroyed.”

Napoli will welcome Spezia next at the Stadio Diego Armando Maradona next Saturday. One can only hope that regrettable and inappropriate actions such as this won’t be repeated by the away side’s supporters.

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