Juventus Pull It Off at Chievo On Cristiano Ronaldo’s Debut Day

Welcome to Serie A, Cristiano. This is the place where even a visit to a marginally-intimidating provincial club can be full of dangers, and where what was meant to be a showcase-match for CR7’s landing in Italy can turn into a nightmare for seven-time league champions Juventus. Massimiliano Allegri’s side pulled it off, but not after going down to Chievo.

Hellas Climb Up Ladder After Winning Verona Derby

Life is a ladder, a famous Italian saying goes. Some climb it up, some climb it down. Tonight, it was the Hellas side of the city of Verona - whose emblem is incidentally a ladder – to push themselves up in the standing as they captured a 1-0 win over Chievo, in a frankly disappointing edition of the Derby della Scala where the only noteworthy event was a lone goal by center back Antonio Caracciolo.