Meanwhile in Moscow: Viva Mexico! Lozano Stuns Germany

If we were in Joachim Low, we wouldn’t be much concerned at Germany’s 0-1 loss to Mexico in their opening match in Russia. The history of the World Cup is full of occurrences where the defending champions tripped during their first dance, and when the loss comes at the hand of such a solid and spectacular Mexican side, there is little to be ashamed about.

Meteore Mondiali: Blanco, il giocoliere messicano di Francia ’98

When you manage to give your name to a specific trick, it means you have made it to the history of football. Raise your hands, those who don’t remember the cuauhtemina, a feat that enabled you to dash past your opponents with the ball tied between your feet. This is what Mexican attacking midfielder Cuauhtémoc Blanco showed during World Cup 1998 in France.