Serie A Top 5 Goals: Fear and Loathing In the Stadium

Finally! We just couldn’t wait anymore. For almost two months, we felt lonely, and deprived of the most thrilling pleasure in a Sunday afternoon: Calcio. But now it’s back, in its most exquisite form of the Italian Serie A. And so, directly from the Temple where supporters’ dreams come true, here is our Top 5 of the best goals scored in this opening round of Serie A 2018-19.

Napoli & Insigne Overthrow Lazio Sending a Message to Juve

Rome, Stadio Olimpico. Carlo Ancelotti’s Napoli came, beat 2-1 Simone Inzaghi’s Lazio and collected their first three points to push “relegation” away. Oh yes, relegation, as many commentators would argue. These three points contributed to appease a hysterical fan base, turned scared and neurotic on the wave of some national and local press’ comments.