Tops and Flops of Serie A Round 29: Jesus Rises Above Hate, Maldini Stuns Cagliari

While the clash between Inter and Napoli was supposed to be a top showdown between the champions-elect and their predecessors, the double Champions League elimination reduced it to a battle of the wounded. To make matters worse, the match was blemished by a controversial incident which we will discuss later on.

A Career Apocalypse – The Exceptional Rise and Brutal Fall of Paul Pogba

For a footballer, a lengthy ban is a devastating blow they may or may not recover from, mostly depending on age and desire. But in Pogba's case, it is slightly different. Rather than being a sudden blast that halted his momentum, this one felt like the final nail in the coffin, succeeding other similarly calamitous occurrences.
Paulo Dybala is improving and is likely to be present against Empoli after the break. He didn’t leave for international duties

Tops and Flops of Serie A Round 26: Astonishing Dybala, Unstoppable Inter

While Inter continue to march towards an inevitable Scudetto triumph, their supposed challengers are still faltering, putting a premature end to a title race that peaked way too early. So let's recap the most captivating action of Serie A Round 26 in our latest edition of the Tops and Flops series.
Stefano Pioli and Simone Inzaghi aren’t very demanding on the transfer market, but their managements surely take their opinions into serious consideration.

Tops and Flops of Serie A Round 25: Proficient Inzaghi, Perplexing Pioli

The matchday began with Inter making light work of Salernitana, before rounding off with a historic defeat for Milan at U-Power Stadium. So let's recap the events while identifying the best and worst performers from Serie A Round 25 in our latest edition of the Tops and Flops series.
Inter overcame another hurdle on the way to the Scudetto as they inflicted Daniele De Rossi his first loss since he took the reigns of Roma

Tops and Flops of Serie A Round 24: Lukaku Fails to Sting Inter

While Inter consolidated their status as the ultimate Scudetto favorites with an exciting win at the Olimpico, the race for fourth place remains both thrilling and mystifying. So let's look back on the most interesting events of Serie A Round 24 while picking up the Tops and Flops.
Despite a strong start to the season, the future of Massimiliano Allegri at Juventus hangs in the balance. His contract runs out in 2025.

Tops and Flops of Serie A Round 23: Uninspiring Allegri, Magica Roma

As is often the case, the monumental fixtures tend to fall short of the grand expectations, and this was certainly the case in the showdown between Inter and Juventus. Nevertheless, Calcio fanatics know better than to overlook the rest of the fixtures, with several yielding spectacular outcomes. So let's recap the good, bad and ugly in the tops and flops from Serie A Round 23. 
Juventus haven’t redeemed Arkadiusz Milik, but his future is highly likely to still be in Turin. The Bianconeri are in advanced talks to purchase him.

Tops and Flops of Serie A Round 22: Milik Impedes Juventus, Thriller at San Siro

It was another glorious weekend for Simone Inzaghi's men who regained the top spot with a razor-tight victory in Florence. The two arch-rivals collide in a Scudetto showdown next Sunday, but for now, let's recap the action from Serie A Round 22 while identifying the best performers of the weekend, as well as the least inspiring.