Temples of The Cult: The Renato Dall’Ara in Bologna

We all know the typical architecture of a stadium: The main stands, the side stands, a running track in some cases, the turf, perhaps a roof. Most football grounds in the Italian Stivale share these elements. But, if we mention a tower, erected in the middle of the stadium, then we can only be talking about one facility: The Renato Dell'Ara Stadium in Bologna.

Temples of The Cult: The Luigi Ferraris aka Marassi

When looking at the city of Genova from an aerial point of view, beyond the port, the colorful coasts, and the mountains, four towers stand out rising from the ground in the center of the city. That is the Luigi Ferraris Stadium or, as it is commonly known, the Marassi: An architectural jewel, the oldest stadium still functioning in calcio and perhaps the most particular.

Temples of The Cult: The San Paolo Stadium In Napoli

It is quite common to see Napoli play in international cups nowadays, but that has not always been the case. Since Diego Maradona’s doping ban, Napoli have had many ups and downs (more downs, actually…) and even went through a re-foundation of the club back in 2004. One thing, however, always stood there, firmly, in all its glory: The San Paolo Stadium.