Top 10 Underrated Serie A Players Including Milan, Inter and Juventus Stars

Reminiscent to all other fields, some athletes' achievements can be overblown with fans and observers alike highlighting their prowess a bit more than necessary. But for every overhyped star, one or more underappreciated players can be found. So let's take a look at the Top 10 underrated Serie A players based on our own humble opinion.
Kessie Bakayoko Flops Serie A

The Biggest 10 Serie A Flops this Season – Including Juventus, Inter and Milan Stars

At the start of every campaign, fans and observers alike lay their expectations upon the shoulders of the big household names. While some manage to fulfill their promise, others fall short. This season, we've seen a host of players failing to deliver the good from almost every club. So it's time to pick out the biggest 10 flops of the Serie A campaign. 
Serie A new season

Top 10 Reasons to Follow Serie A This Season – Including an Ultimate Battle and a Special Return

Whilst the rest of the football fans might be searching elsewhere for entertainment, overlooking Serie A would be a massive mistake, as they'll be missing out on what is expected to be an exciting new season. So let's check out the Top 10 reasons why every follower of the sport should keep an eye on the Italian league.
Dybala Ronaldo Serie A supporting strikers

The Top 10 Serie A Supporting Strikers in the Last 10 Years

Nicknamed "fantasisti", these men are blessed with unusual flair that enables them to change the course of the match with one magical touch. Some like to play right behind the center forward, others start their runs from the flanks, but their extraordinary skills remains their common ground. So let's take a look at the Top 10 Serie A supporting strikers in the last ten years.
Ibrahimovic Lukaku Serie A Top 10 Center Forwards

The Top 10 Serie A Center Forwards in the Last 10 Years

Although every playing positions has its own flavor, there's something quite special about the center forward role. Even though Italian football had its difficulties throughout the last 15 years or so, Serie A was and still is blessed with some formidable center forwards. Thus, here are the Top 10 stars who played the number 9 role in Italy since 2010.

The Top 10 Euro 2020 Moments Involving Serie A Players

Euro 2020 has been described by many observers as one of the most exciting international tournaments ever held, and luckily for calcio fanatics, some of their favorite Serie A stars were at the center of the action. But before the competition closes its curtains, let's look back at the Top 10 crazy moments which included players who ply their trade in the Italian league.

The Top 10 Craziest Haircuts and Facial Hair Styles in Serie A

Ever since the creation of the sport, football has overseen its fair share of distinguished looks. But for every elegant player like Beckham and Maldini, we'll find others who are a little less comely to say the least. In this piece we decided to honor those who are willing to take risks when it comes to their appearance, as we present to you our Top 10 weirdest looks in Serie A this season. 

The Top 10 Serie A Goal Celebrations in the 2000-2009 Era

It's the second part of The Cult of Calcio's goal celebrations series. After ranking the best celebrations of the modern era in part one, it's time to go back to the noughties (2000 - 2009) and remember the top 10 Serie A goal celebrations of an incredible era. So we present you our chosen list, which happens to include some of the greatest names in football history. 

The Top 10 Serie A Goal Celebrations in the 2010-2020 Era

One of the most fascinating aspects of football could be the special goal celebrations, when a player who's in the middle of his euphoria after just scoring a goal, is able to maintain his composure and deliver his own signature celebration, much to the delight of his supporters. So here are the our Top 10 Serie A signature goal celebrations from the modern era (2010 - 2020).
Here are the 10 top reasons why every football fan around the world should get himself a little taste of Serie A during the 2020-2021 season

The Top 10 Reasons To Follow The New Serie A Season

Fans of Italian football are thrilled to finally kick off the action on the pitch once again, as the new Serie A season is about to start in the next coming days. Although calcio fanatics don't really need any new excuse to follow their favorite league, here are the 10 top reasons why every football fan around the world should try to get himself a little taste of the Italian game.