Serie A Heroes: George Weah, Milan’s Untameable “Lion King”

First Name: George. Family Name: Weah. Those four letters attached to a number nine shirt will always make a pleasant shiver run up any Milan supporter's spine. Weah was an atypical “number nine” with impressive physical and technical characteristics. He made the red-and-black side of the San Siro fall in love despite scoring less that one would expect considering his massive skills.  

Throwback Thursday: George Weah’s Amazing Coast-to-Coast

When Milan acquired 29-year-old George Weah from PSG in the summer of 1995, many commentators raised their eyebrows. "King George” would, however, prove them wrong and become an iconic player for the Milanese side, remembered for such exploits as the coast-to-coast goal he scored against Verona in the opening game of the 1996-97 season.