The Crazy Story of How Ibrahimovic Arrived in Sanremo on a Motorcycle

Have you ever dreamed of passing by your favorite club’s biggest star, and then ending up as road buddies? Well, this is exactly what happened to one lucky Milan fan called Franco. The motorcyclist ended up sharing a ride for the Sanremo festival with the illusive Zlatan Ibrahimovic on Thursday night.

So how did it all happen?

As you probably heard by now, the Rossoneri star had been co-hosting the notorious Sanremo Festival – which is an important event in Italian pop culture. On Tuesday night, Zlatan entertained the viewers with a funny monologue, and even Liverpool weren’t safe from the Swede’s jokes.

However, his Thursday night was much more eventful to say the least. Ibrahimovic got stuck in traffic for hours on his way to Sanremo – due to a road accident – so he decided to find a faster path towards his destination.

Therefore, the 39-year-old ended up stopping a motorcyclist, asking him for a ride to the Festival. Instead of narrating the full story, we’ll let the main characters tell it themselves, starting with the striker.

Yesterday was a daring evening, which began with an accident on the highway. We were stopped for three hours. I had to arrive because Amadeus (his co-host) couldn’t make it without Ibra,” joked the legend as reported by Calciomercato.

I made a video because otherwise no one would have believed me. Only my driver and my bodyguard knew what I was doing. When we left I noticed that he (the motorcyclist) wasn’t driving well, so I told him that I would drive so whatever happens would be my own responsibility. But he refused the offer.

After arriving, I told him that he had done a good job. In life I have never been afraid to take risks. The Festival world is new to me, but I feel good. It seems that Amadeus and I have been playing in the same team for 20 years,” concluded Zlatan.

What a fun ride it must have been. Now let’s see what Ibra’s new friend had to say about his extraordinary adventure, and why he was driving that badly.

I was returning home and got stuck in traffic, then I saw a black van with a man inside who looked exactly like Ibra,” said Franco according to another article by Calciomercato.

The driver lowers the window and tells me that Ibrahimovic wants me to give him a ride to Sanremo! I am also a Milan fan so I didn’t think twice about it. I gave him a helmet that I had under the saddle and I texted my wife saying ‘I’m accompanying Ibrahimovic to Sanremo’, but she didn’t believe me,” added the Rossonero fan.

He wanted to drive but I refused. But what he said on TV is all true. I am a Sunday biker and I had never taken the highway before.”

Luckily there were very few cars and it was an easy ride. Zlatan was very kind, he is a great person. He asked me how he could pay me off, promising that he will send me his shirt in return. As soon as we arrived, we didn’t even have the time for a picture because he was in a hurry. Fortunately, in the end my wife believed me and luckily the marriage is safe.”

Here you have it folks, another crazy Ibrahimovic story, as if spending his week entertaining in Sanremo wasn’t enough.

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