The Osimhen Camp Disputes Recent Statement by Napoli

Napoli have pinned the delay on the contract extension on Victor Osimhen and his agent. They recently affirmed that the counterparties changed their mind after coming to terms. The entourage of the striker doesn’t necessarily agree with such a recollection, Gianluca Di Marzio informs (via SOSFanta).

In addition, despite what the club indicated, they haven’t scheduled a meeting to discuss the matter. The Azzurri claimed they would use the striker’s injury to do so with some more serenity.

The Osimhen camp also doesn’t corroborate the version of the events recounted by Napoli. The team subtly blamed the player for an about-face once the agreement was set up. Instead, that wasn’t the case in their mind.

The Azzurri aren’t close to extending the contract of Piotr Zielinski either, the transfer market expert adds. His negotiation is more urgent since his deal runs out at the end of the season. He has expressed his desire to stay put. It remains to be determined whether the brass is on the same page and whether they can concur on the numbers.

The Scudetto holders reportedly wanted him to accept a significant pay cut before the whole Saudi Arabia affair last summer.

Our Take on Napoli, Osimhen, and Zielinski

The posturing continues and, regarding the Nigerian star, the two parties seem to be just treading water to get to next summer without a big falling out, when his departure will be almost inevitable.

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