Three Italian Clubs Face Uncertain Futures with Low Liquidity Index

Three out of nine clubs in Serie A are facing critical liquidity problems as the end of the 2021/22 season approaches. The liquidity index is the ratio between assets and short-term liabilities of clubs, and few of them will have difficulties guaranteeing registration in next season’s campaign due to the negative marking.

The January winter period demanded that clubs have a liquidity index of 0.6, meaning that the club’s assets had to cover at least 60% of market expenses – a condition that is said to have blocked out many deals, according to LazioNews24. Genoa, Lazio and Sampdoria are touted to be the three teams that would face it hard to guarantee registration.

Biancocelesti president Claudio Lotito considers the regulations for the liquidity index as a ‘disgrace’ set by Italian football federation chief Gabriele Gravina – his ‘sworn enemy’. However, with the appointment of Lorenzo Casini are the new chief of Serie A, things could turn for the better for clubs such as Lazio and Sampdoria, who voted him into power. For now, the index will reportedly be set between 0.6 and 0.7 and an overall negative balance can be reduced with a positive balance in the transfer market.

Pandemic-related losses have hit clubs hard, as the financial implications of the two-year long hiatus comes into play.

Genoa, Lazio and Sampdoria current transfer records are all in the negatives – €-15.7m, €-7.7m and €-5.7m respectively,