Thuram Reveals Why He Picked Inter Over Other Suitors

Marcus Thuram has quickly become an indispensable starter for Inter following a Bosman move last summer. He dished about the transfer and more to L’Equipe.

“Italy is teaching me to be more specific in my work. That’s why I chose the Nerazzurri. It will allow me to specialize in the striker’s role. In addition, they ask me to be a pivot for my teammates, a reference point for the midfielders, and attack the space. It’s a mix of things. I had to learn new things here. It’s a quality I must still work on to master. But it’s not my only focus. The no.9 position incorporates different qualities. For instance, disrupting the opponents’ play from behind and receiving crosses. I like to do different things, and this team allows me to develop all that.”

Thuram revealed that his Inter move was long in the making.

“They initially reached out to me two years ago. I was playing as a winger back then, but they thought I was really a center-forward. Few were on the same page. They had a clear idea about my development. I spoke with many other clubs. It wasn’t an easy choice because it was career-defining. I know I made the right one given what this team represents. They had immense players, and we feel the weight of its history. There’s great enthusiasm in the city. The Derby was exceptional. Moreover, it’s a stable club that functioned well, reached the Champions League final, and had some champions.”

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