Tonali Doesn’t Exclude Reunion with Milan Down the Line

Sandro Tonali was well-received in his San Siro return following the summer transfer to Newcastle United. The midfield refused to rule out a potential return in the future. He spoke to SportMediaset and Sky after the match.

“It was nice from the first to the last second. I’ll always remember this night. I’ve lived many emotions here. Some good and some bad. This place always makes a lasting impact. Coming back? I don’t know. I’d pay to learn the future. Maybe, or maybe not. Let’s not shut the door.”

“Game day is different from the lead-up. There’s no dead time, and everything moves a lote more quickly. The chants by the fans? I don’t want to toot my own horn, but I can’t deny my passion for this team. I never did and would be bad for me and for them if I started now. It was difficult, but I’m a professional. I was moved by the applause when I subbed off.”

Tonali took stock of the current Milan squad.

“It’s tough to face them, especially in the first 15 minutes. We had to change the way we guarded them because they gave us trouble. We fixed things up in the second half and had a big chance late in the game. They are a great team with superb players. The group is complicated. We had a positive performance and defended together.”

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