Tonali Expected to Confess and Help the Gambling Probe

Sandro Tonali is poised to start collaborating and admit his wrongdoings in the gambling case spreading across Italian football. The midfielder initially acknowledged using the illegal platforms for poker and blackjack but will confess to betting on football too, La Gazzetta dello Sport informs.

Self-reporting and plea bargaining would reduce the suspension. However, the FIGC, the Italian FA, doesn’t want to seem too lenient on the matter. The body plans to use the controversy to send a positive message about addictions too.

The investigations on Tonali and Nicolò Zaniolo have just started. Even with a confession, the verdict will take a few months. The type of bets will make a difference. Their positions would be a lot worse if they were on their teams.

The next footballers embroiled in the case risk being in a worse spot than Nicolò Fagioli. He began working with the detectives immediately, relaying more names. Plea bargaining before the referral leads to a 50 percent reduction of the disqualification, whose minimum is three years. Actively helping the probe generates further discounts, but not all cases are equal.

The Juventus midfielder reportedly didn’t bet on his own matches. If somebody did, he might have crossed the line between illegal gambling and sports illicit, a more severe infraction. Tonali and the other players who might confess must be entirely truthful, or the consequences would be harsh.

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