Torino Chief Cairo on Serie A TV Rights and Super League Plans

Torino president Urbano Cairo thinks it would be in the best interests of Serie A clubs to democratize ownership, taking the example of the Premier League. At the same time, he thinks plans for the European Super League are an utter waste.

Cairo spoke to the microphones of Milano Finanza (via Tuttomercatoweb) and shed his thoughts on the issue of TV rights, in which Italy is lagging far behind compared it its competitors as one of the big European five.

“Football is a global industry that attracts investors from all over the world – he began -. In the Premier League, English-owned clubs are now in a clear minority and the league has grown a lot economically and sportily in recent years. Serie A must work above all on the development of television rights on international markets, as other leagues have already done before us. In the last season we cashed around 350 million from their sale, today we took a step back.

He then emphasized on the idea of the European Super League.

“The Superlega? No use. Recent reforms have already made the Champions League a high-level tournament in terms of visibility and economic relevance. The important thing is to respect the merit and safeguard the value, even social, of the national championships. The coat of arms must not be enough to guarantee a place in European competitions.”

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