Tottenham Could Still Keep Ahold of Juventus Loanee

Tottenham won’t automatically buy out Dejan Kulusevski, as the conditions for it to happen weren’t met. However, the Spurs are considering alternative ways to redeem him, preferably with a discount, Calciomercato informs.

They still have a €35M option to do so. The Bianconeri are waiting for a formal communication about whether they will pick it up or not. While that’s unlikely, the London outfit might start a new negotiation to revise the terms of the deal.

Tottenham have already paid €10M to have Kulusevski for the past 18 months. They will attempt to lower the fee and utilize a different formula, perhaps getting to the same sum through some bonuses. Director Fabio Paratici and Antonio Conte, who were guiding the club when the attacker joined, are no longer with them.

Juventus might not cash in anything from their Premier League loanees, depending on how this situation unfolds. Arthur and Denis Zakaria will return to Turin after their stints at Chelsea and Liverpool. The safest bet to leave permanently was Weston McKennie. However, Leeds United have been relegated and will probably let their €34.5M option lapse.

Our Take on Kulusevski, Tottenham, and Juventus

The Bianconeri’s willingness to take him back is dubious. Since he bounced back in England, they should consider giving him another chance if they change their coach. The Spurs might find fertile ground in the talks. Considering Adrien Rabiot’s exit and a potentially parsimonious summer, there’s a non-zero chance one of the returning midfielders winds up staying put. Zakaria’s departure seemed rushed in the first place.

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