Tottenham Way Ahead of Napoli and Milan for Dragusin

Genoa stated a few times they didn’t want to sell Radu Dragusin, but Tottenham have gotten close to their request, and their pursuit is a lot more serious than the interest coming from Milan and Napoli.

According to Sky, the Grifone ask for €30M for the budding center-back. The three parties haven’t reached an agreement just yet, but the talks are advanced.

Florian Manea, the agent of Dragusin, alluded that the player would leave Genoa only to join major clubs commenting on the buzz about Tottenham, Napoli, and Milan to Sportitalia.

“The premise is that we don’t want to depart either. However, if a team that would allow him to take an extra step in his career swoops it, it’s normal to evaluate it. The same goes for the club, should they receive a sizeable sum. We aren’t in a rush to depart. Though, certain opportunities happen just once or twice.”

“Roma and Atalanta? If he switches sides, he’ll do it only for a very important outfit, like one of the top five or six in the Premier League, or the biggest Italian ones, like Inter or Milan, just to make an example. First and foremost, Genoa need to be happy with the bid.”

Our Take on Dragusin, Tottenham, Milan, and Napoli

Things seem to be moving fast, further proving that the minnows can say all they want publicly, but it’s hard to resist when somebody puts real money on the table.

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