Totti Comments on Mourinho, Pellegrini, and Spalletti

Francesco Totti heaped praise on José Mourinho and Paulo Dybala and hinted that his Roma return wasn’t in the cards at this stage while talking to DAZN after the Giallorossi lost to Atalanta (via Sky).

“I’m confident that, with the Special One at the helm, we can still go far in the Champions League race and in Europa League. I’m proud of what he said and the team. We fans will support them even more because they deserve it.”

“It’s commonplace, but it takes two to join in a marriage. It’s not up to me. I think we should have coffee together, sit down, and talk about the many things we could do together.”

The legend dished on Luciano Spalletti and their lengthy feud.

“I’ve often said that he’s one of the best coaches around, and I’ll always affirm that. Napoli have an extraordinary season. Should I meet him, I’d have no trouble greeting him.”

Totti assessed the current Roma squad.

“In my opinion, Lorenzo Pellegrini is the most important man. The captain has different responsibilities compared to all the others. We talked in private in the past, and he understood what I said. He’s proving his worth as a player and a man. It’s a pleasure to have somebody like Dybala. He’s a boon for everybody, especially the fans. He’s a star.”

Totti refused to predict the EuroDerby between Inter and Milan.

“There are no favorites. It’s a Champions League semifinal, and they are two great teams. Anything can happen. The important thing is that one will go to Istanbul.”

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