UEFA Decision on Juventus Sanctions Not Forthcoming

Juventus might eventually be excluded from the European Conference League due to Financial Fair Play violations stemming from the plusvalenze case, but the ruling isn’t imminent. UEFA is still investigating the infractions. The process will take a while after the end of the probe, La Gazzetta dello Sport reports.

The final decision could realistically arrive in mid-July. The playoff’s draw will happen on August 7th. Given its urgency, a potential appeal will be argued directly at the CAS, skipping a step in front of a court within the international federation.

Fiorentina would participate in the competition if the Juventus were kicked out. The Bianconeri have been searching for appeasement with UEFA after former president Andrea Agnelli severed ties by contributing to creating the Super League. The Old Lady communicated that they might bow out in recent weeks.

The formal charges against the Serie A giants are still unknown. They entered a settlement agreement in late 2022. A €23M sanction was negotiated down to €3M since the club promised to mend its finances. The discount could be wiped off if it was found guilty of doctoring its balance sheets through fake capital gains, which to the ten-point deduction.

If the findings were particularly severe, there’d be no bargaining between Juventus and the prosecutor, and the judge would issue his judgment right away. The Bianconeri won’t renounce to playing in the European Conference League on their own. However, they might not put up a strong fight if they were handed a one-year ban. Instead, they would do so if it was longer.

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