UEFA President Ceferin Calls Juve and Milan Execs Liars and Snakes

UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin did not mince words in response to the creation of the Super League. He promised harsh sanctions against everybody involved, from teams to players. The executive attacked Andrea Agnelli, Milan director Ivan Gazidis and Manchester United vice-president Ed Woodward in a presser from the meeting that is ongoing in Montreux.

He sounded off in particular against the Juventus boss: “I have never seen a person lie as much and so insistently as he did. We talked Saturday, and he told me the buzz about the Super League was untrue. Evidently, greediness makes human values disappear. He turned off his phone yesterday. He is the biggest disappointment. I can not say how I really feel about him, Woodward and Gazidis.”

They go way back as the Ceferin is the godfather of Agnelli’s youngster daughter. He blasted Woodward as well: “He called me Thursday night saying that he was very satisfied and fully behind the reforms. We only discussed the Financial Fair Play, while he had clearly already agreed to something else.”

“Only a small part of the football world is corrupt and blinded by avidity. Some clubs do not focus on scoring goals but only on their bank accounts. In the last few years, we met many good people and few liars. We did not think there could be some snakes in our team.”

“These teams started the Super League only because they are poorly run. They talk about solidarity in their statement, but they do not know the first thing about it. They want to be famous, but they will become it for the wrong reasons. I am glad they came out, so everybody will know now who really loves football. Things change in this sport. Juventus were in Serie B, I do not know where Manchester United was before Alex Ferguson took over, while Aston Villa used to be a great club.”