Verona Officially Ax Coach Cioffi amid Losing Streak

Verona have formally parted ways with Gabriele Cioffi. The coach reportedly picked them over extending his contract with Udinese in the summer. Though, he lasted only nine rounds on the bench. The Scaligeri are coming off four defeats in a row, against Lazio, Fiorentina, Udinese, and Salernitana.

As per TeleNuovo, Diego Lopez is currently the frontrunner to take over the job, but he’s not the only candidate. President Maurizio Setti would like to give a prominent role to Salvatore Bocchetti, who’s helming the Primavera team, but he doesn’t have the proper license. And the Uruguayan gaffer would rather have former Cagliari teammate Michele Fini as his top assistant.

It’s possible that the parties will be able to smooth over the differences and that Lopez will indeed succeed Cioffi on the Verona bench, but it’s not a done deal yet. The Gialloblù have also reached out to Aurelio Andreazzoli, whom Empoli didn’t retain despite a solid season.

According to the publication, the chairman has gotten in touch with the veteran gaffer on his own, without the mediation of director Francesco Marroccu, who didn’t like it. The Scaligeri, which have collected five total points so far, will look to sort the impasse sooner rather than later. They will host Milan later this week.

Our Take on Verona Sacking Cioffi

They are indeed on an ugly-looking losing streak, but they haven’t looked dead in recent matches, so perhaps they could have given the boss a little more time. It’s also true that he made a horrible call by leaving Udinese. They have had great reclamation projects on the bench, but Lopez isn’t the most appealing choice.

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