Vidal Utters Scorching Hot Take on Milan vs Newcastle

Arturo Vidal wasn’t exactly entertained by the recent game between Milan and Newcastle United. The former Juventus and Inter midfielder blasted the Rossoneri on Twitch’s channel Red Gol (via Sportitalia).

“It was the worst match in the history of the Champions League. Porto vs. Shakhtar Donetsk was grand. Manchester City were boring as usual. The second half between PSG and Borussia Dortmund was nice, while I fell asleep duruing the first one.”

Vidal slammed both Milan and Newcastle United for Tuesday’s performance.

“They made me a bad impression. Those Milan fools are lucky because they can only run; otherwise, they wouldn’t even be there. I don’t understand the Magpies. They arrived fourth in the Premier League, but they did nothing. It was disgusting. They are supposed to risk their lives. They have to show something more since it’s the first game. That angered me a lot.”

Vidal recently suffered a gruesome knee injury that forced him to leave a fixture versus Colombia on a stretcher. He has been diagnosed with a traumatic meniscus tear that caused an articular block. He will miss several months after surgery, Goal relays.

The 34-year-old joined Atletico Paranaense last summer on a free move from Flamengo. He spent just a year with the Mengao after pushing to join them following his two-year spell at Inter. Instead, he starred for Juventus for four seasons between 2015 and 2018.

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