Winners and Losers in the Lukaku Transfer to Chelsea Saga

It’s happening, folks. Serie A is about to lose yet another major star in favor of a rich Premier League club. After a week full of speculations with some back and forth news reports, the unofficial confirmation came on Saturday. Romelu Lukaku will complete his return to Chelsea after spending two years at Inter.

Whilst the last two campaigns saw the Belgian developing into arguably the most terrifying striker in the world, he just couldn’t resist the temptation of his former club, neither could the financially-struggling Nerazzurri refuse a transfer bid worth 115 million euros.

So who are the main winners and losers from this operation? Let’s find out below.

Winner: Chelsea

We begin with the obvious. Whilst it’s true that Chelsea paid a hefty amount of cash for a player who was already on their books in the past, 115 millions for Lukaku feels like a fair price for the current Premier League standards.

Surely Serie A clubs would be left with their jaws wide open upon hearing the price, but during the past week, Manchester City paid more than 100 millions for Jack Graelish – undoubtedly a talented player, but whose biggest career achievement thus far was impressing whilst playing for Aston Villa.

If the Belgian continues to display his world class performances witnessed in Milano, the Blues would call it a bargain deal.

Loser: Simone Inzaghi

Poor Simone. Pippo’s younger sibling has been offered the biggest opportunity of his young managerial career. However, after his predecessor’s departure, the writing was already on the wall.

Inter’s plan to downsize their squad due to their financial difficulties saw them selling Achraf Hakimi to PSG and now Lukaku to Chelsea, leaving the tactician with a squad low on quality and morale.

And yet, if the former Lazio coach fails to defend the Scudetto title (which might prove to be an uphill battle at this point), he will probably be made the sacrificial lamb by the end of the season – if not sooner.

Winner: Romelu Lukaku

Although the striker made some significant bounds under the tutelage of Antonio Conte, Lukaku was the main driving force behind the club’s success on the pitch.

With his mentor gone and the management working on downsizing the project, the former Everton man had surely reached the pinnacle of his Inter career. At most, he can secure another domestic title, but European success is simply out of reach within the current circumstances.

However, the sky will be limit for Lukaku at Chelsea, as he’ll be working with a brilliant tactician and a group of world class talents.

Loser: Lautaro Martinez

Alongside Lukaku, the Argentine became one half of the most devastating partnership in Serie A, and perhaps in the world, with the two stars sharing a natural chemistry on and off the pitch.

Now the Beneamata will definitely replace the departing center forward with a decent alternative – perhaps Duvan Zapata or Edin Dzeko – but there’s no guarantees that Lautaro would be able to form a strong bond with his new partner upfront.

After the departures of Conte, Hakimi and finally Lukaku, the 23-year-old must be feeling lonely and abandoned at Appiano Gentile – unless he finds a way out himself.

Winner: Tammy Abraham (?)

Here’s a potential indirect winner. The young English striker was one of the most promising names during Frank Lampard’s first season in West London, but his progress stalled recently.

Nonetheless, the Lukaku transfer could instigate a domino effect that would take Zapata to Inter, with the Chelsea striker replacing the Colombian at Atalanta.

If there’s a tactician who can take Abraham to the next level, then it’s definitely the magnificent Gian Piero Gasperini.

Loser: Serie A

Although the supporters of Juventus, Milan, Napoli and the rest of the top Serie A sides must be celebrating Inter’s expected demise, the wide picture paints a gloomy future for all clubs involved.

Lukaku wasn’t the first and he surely won’t be the last to switch Serie A for greener pastures, as the economical crisis threaten to destroy what’s left of the league’s appeal.

Bonus Winner: Antonio Conte

Let’s all just give some props for the man who decided to take the highway at the perfect timing.

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