Winners and Losers From the Ronaldo to Man United Transfer Saga

Well, it happened after all. Following several months of speculations and a soap opera that involved four of five top European clubs, the ending was finally revealed last Friday. Cristiano Ronaldo left Juventus after three bittersweet campaigns, as his agent Jorge Mendes managed to orchestrate a sensational return to Manchester United.

Even though the Bianconeri succumbed to a shocking defeat at the hands of Empoli on their first home fixture in the season, it’s time to look at the bigger picture and try to figure out the winners and losers from this transfer on the long-term.

Winner: Manchester United fans

What a shocking turn of events! Friday began with emerging videos on the wacky part of social media showing Manchester United fans (literally) burning their Ronaldo jerseys amidst growing rumors of his imminent move towards their crosstown rivals Manchester City.

Nonetheless, those same supporters were thrilled when they found out few hours later that the Portuguese made his landing on the Red side of the city, sealing a return for the club that witnessed his transformation from a raw talent into one of the greatest in the sport’s history.

How much can the 36-year-old version of CR7 (or whatever his new jersey number will be) replicate his past success remains to be seen, but a historic comeback twelve years in the making will surely lift the mood around Old Trafford.

Loser: Some of the United Stars

Football can be cruel at times. Some players have been trying to build a name for themselves at United in the last few years, but now their status is threatened by the arrival of Ronaldo.

Edinson Cavani will he hoping that the rules protect him from losing the number 7 jersey, Bruno Fernandes will probably be forced to hand over his spot kick duties, whilst the glamour of Jadon Sancho’s transfer from Dortmund has already faded. Moreover, the likes of Anthony Martial and Mason Greenwood could end up seeing less playing time, and Daniel James has already been shipped to Leeds United to make way for the returning legend.

Don’t hate the player, lads, hate the game!

Winner: Massimiliano Allegri

Following the embarrassing defeat at the hands of Empoli, Max Allegri looks anything but a winner at the moment. And yet, the returning manager might be relieved following the superstar’s departure, and he actually sponsored a big smile on his face during his pre-match press conference held last Friday.

The Italian coach will now be able to build his attack around Paulo Dybala who will be supported by a young crew that can bring his footballing ideas to life – at least whenever they start playing some proper football.

Loser: Serie A

We already mentioned Serie A as the major loser following Romelu Lukaku’s return to Chelsea, and this appears to be a recurring theme throughout the summer.

Whilst the Belgian’s departure was a huge loss for Italian football on the sporting level, paying farewell for the Portuguese also happens to be an incredible blow in terms of appeal and marketing for Italian football in general, as Ronaldo has his very own fanbase (an enormous one actually) that he managed to build since his United days.

Some of the fans that CR7 brought to Juventus and Serie A in general might end up sticking around after liking what they’ve seen in Italy, but a large portion had already travelled to England alongside their cult leader.

Winner: Paulo Dybala

As we mentioned above, Allegri will once again shift his focus on Paulo Dybala’s talent who will have the chance to reclaim the spotlight that he was forced to waver back in 2018.

The Argentine was dropped from the lineup at times in order to accommodate his former teammate, but he will have the chance to prove his world class abilities and fulfill his earlier promise without having someone who might be holding him back.

Loser: Italian Football Media

We already mentioned Serie A as a main loser in this equation, but the media that covers Italian football – or perhaps any media outlet in Italia – will surely miss having the five-time Ballon d’Or winner, and the Cult of Calcio included.

From analyzing every move he made on and off the pitch, every grimace, talking about his latest record, his newest car, and even his gorgeous girlfriend Georgina, the British tabloids will now be the official home of the always-exciting Ronaldo circus following his United return.

Winner: Cristiano Ronaldo

Well, our man is back “home” after twelve years, and has switched a financially struggling club and league with the riches of the Premier League.

Sounds like a winner to us.

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