Zakaria Announces Return from Injury, Downplays Comparisons

Denis Zakaria has shaken off his thigh strain during the break and will resume being an option against Inter: “I am fine now, as I worked hard to get back into shape. Getting hurt right after the debut was frustrating as I came here to play. Nobody likes to be on the shelf, especially immediately after joining a new club.”

The midfielder talked to DAZN about the clash with Inter: “It is a highly anticipated game. There is no need for me to explain its importance. It is pivotal for us and our fans, and we will do everything in our power to win.”

Zakaria looked back at his first appearance with the Bianconeri: “It was a perfect night, especially because I scored. I transferred here to show what I am capable of and help the team. The goal was a nice first impression, but I have a lot more to prove. I tend to stay grounded due to my upbringing and my family.”

“It is exciting to be compared to great players, but I am simply myself. I have my own style, with all due respect for them. I do not see myself as the next Paul Pogba or Patrick Vieira. After five years in Germany, it was the right time to move to a new team and league. I did not hesitate when there was the chance to join Juventus, as it is a great opportunity.”

Zakaria closed with some remarks about Serie A: “I have to play more matches to provide a better assessment. However, I have noticed that they pay a lot of attention to tactics and are more disciplined defensively. You do not necessarily have to run more, but the level of effort is very high. I think I can adapt easily.”