Zalewski Hails Poland Call-Up, Stresses Mourinho Impact

Roma starlet Nicola Zalewski coronated his rise by making Poland’s squad for the World Cup. The wing-back talked about the call-up and José Mourinho in an interview with DAZN.

“I was thrilled when they informed me last September. I had just managed to become a regular in the first team. It was unexpected since I was only 19. Piotr Zielinski helped me a lot, and we have become great friends. The other Polish players that star in Serie A protected me. I didn’t expect to go to Qatar, it was a dream and goal, for me and anybody.”

The youngster recognized the contribution of the Special One.

“He significantly changed me. I need to thank him because he made me discover a role that I would have never thought I could do. I’m very happy, but the road ahead is long. He told me to do what I know, get the ball and take opponents on. It’s a privilege and a pride to be coached by a gaffer and a person like him. His relationship with players is solid on a human level. He helped me out also in tough moments in my life. The whole team knows that they can count on him.”

Zalewski named his idol and commented on his young career.

“I’ve always admired Cristiano Ronaldo for how he plays and practices. I don’t like to be called predestined, which implies that everything was bound to happen anyway. I’m convinced that my achievements are the fruits of my work and of those that stayed close to me, such as my coaches and teammates.”

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