Zaniolo Disappointed with How Things Ended with Roma

Nicolò Zaniolo transferred from Galatasaray to Aston Villa last summer, and he’s searching for his first goal contribution after nine appearances. He looked back at this Roma exit in an interview with La Repubblica.

“I don’t want to name names nor wage a war on the media. But things could have ended differently. I have great affection for their fans, my former teammates, the club, and the city, and they reciprocate the sentiment. It was a disappointment. I have some responsibilities but share them with other people. We contributed to some messy situations. I don’t want to dwell on the past, I’m in the Premier League now and focus on the future.”

Zaniolo decried his major knee injuries.

“They cost me the 2020 Euro with Italy and a year and a half of my career, which is about 70/80 games. They slowed down my growth. However, they also bettered me in some sense. I learned to love my job more. I used to just have fun, but I’m more serious and professional now. In the past, I saw working in the gym as a waste of time. Instead, it’s crucial to me now.”

Zaniolo dished on Luciano Spalletti.

“He’s a direct and super-prepared coach who knows what he wants you to do on the pitch. He speaks directly, and I like that. It’s not easy to find persons like him in football.”

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