Zaniolo Mum on Transfer Buzz, Discloses His Milan Idol

Nicolò Zaniolo, who is negotiating an extension with Roma and is on Milan and Juventus’ radar, discussed the previous season and his future to Sport Week.

“My goal was to avoid major injuries and play with consistency. I wanted to resume feeling like a footballer. I scored eight goals, which may be a scarce haul for somebody, but it was crazy to think I could bag 25/30 after two years on the mend. Plus, we gifted our fans of a trophy, something that had not happened in a long time. Therefore, the campaign went swimmingly.”

Zaniolo addressed the interest in his services.

“It is pleasing because it means that you are valuable. But it does not distract me nor makes me get a big head. It pushes me to practice with even more motivation. I want to prove to be worthy of those links. I would miss a lot of people if I left Roma.”

The starlet is a candidate to replace Paulo Dybala.

“The comparison with him is excessive in my mind. He is unique, and a fantastic and brilliant player. We will see. Life is unpredictable, and you never know what could happen. I simply train and wait.”

Zaniolo revealed that Zlatan Ibrahimovic is one of his role models.

“One of my objectives was to play against him. It was a beautiful game for me even though they won 3-1. I achieved one of my dreams, but I did not work up the courage to approach him, as I was too embarrassed. I have studied him from afar over the years, for instance his approach to matches and how he acts as a charismatic leader. He is phenom. I am happy he won the title. He brought Milan back to the top and he deserved it.”