Zaniolo Opens Up on His Involvement in Betting Scandal

Nicolò Zaniolo got away with a €280 fine for his minor role in the gambling investigation that rocked Italian football His infractions weren’t as severe as Sandro Tonali and Nicolò Fagioli’s ones. He spoke about it to La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“I feel better, but that was already the case after the meeting with the prosecutor, who attested that was I was saying was true. Even if it went well, I can’t say anything about the inquiry. It’s important for me that it’s over now. It’s bad to be dragged into something like that without having done anything serious. Seeing the police in Coverciano was a nightmare. I wasn’t scared because I knew what I did, or rather didn’t.”

Zaniolo gambled on illicit platforms but not on football.

“I was using an online casino. I still made a mistake, but I didn’t know it was an illegal site. The life of a footballer has two sides. I’m aware we’re wealthy and can afford things most people can’t, but we’re often forced to be alone. Many people approach us only because we’re famous. We’re always in the spotlight. Everybody knows it when we make something silly, so we prefer just staying at home, and you can stumble into something like that.”

Zaniolo was booed by the crowd in his return at the Stadio Olimpico.

“I expected that a little. The love with Roma was gigantic, but it ended poorly. Leaving was tough. Besides the last few days, everybody was fantastic with me, including José Mourinho.”

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