Zhang Thrilled for Semis, Talks Club Sale and Inzaghi

Inter president Steven Zhang was delighted about the qualification to the Champions League semi-finals and touched on a few other topics in his post-game remarks to Prime Video and SportMediaset (via Calciomercato).

“This achievement means a lot to us. We started from afar with a lot of people that hadn’t won anything. The Derby will be an opportunity to avenge ourselves for last season and to make history. I’m obviously excited about the chance to experience such game. We’ll have to play in Serie A in the same way we have done continentally.”

Zhang praised Joaquin Correa, who netted a gem to end a lengthy drought.

“I’m very happy for him since he hadn’t scored in a while. He proved that he could do anything on the pitch. I’m moved for him.”

The owner addressed the sale rumors with a feeble dismissal.

“I haven’t talked with anybody about that at this stage. Until I’m here, I will fight to win and be at the top in every competition. We want to go all the way in both cups. That’s what my staff and I are working for.”

Zhang offered lukewarm support for embattled coach Simone Inzaghi.

“I think that we should treat every game as if it’s a final. Finishing in the top four is a fundamental objective for us. The fans should be confident. Everybody that works for the team will fight until the end. We’ll try to achieve the best possible results. We’ll take it step by step. The Champions League can no longer be considered a dream at this point.”

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