Zilliacus Doubles Down on His Intention to Buy Inter

Finnish tycoon Thomas Zilliacus is out in the open concerning his bid to acquire Inter. He expounded on his project to L’Interista.

“I have made offers for just two teams, them and Manchester United. It’s important to me to find a club with a large and global fan base. I know I can generate revenue from it and provide the services the supporters desire. I’ve been contacted by many sides, but I wasn’t interested.”

Zilliacus believes to have the proper expertise.

“You have to understand football. I’ve been a player, a coach, and an owner. Inter have an excellent management, starting with Giuseppe Marotta. Simone Inzaghi is very good too. Then you need money to create a team. If Sheik Jassim Al Thani and I joined forces, we’d raise plenty of it. We’d give the club the chance of buying the best players in the world.”

Zilliacus thinks to have a real shot at taking over the Nerazzurri.

“I think everything is for sale at the right price. The Zhang family is doing a fantastic job. They are footing them and made them what they are today: a top European outfit. They have been in charge for seven years. Maybe they want to do something different. I think they are willing to cede control to a serious consortium. I’m convinced they love Inter and that they want to see it keep improving. I don’t think it’s just a matter of money to them.”

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