Diego Milito and Genoa formed an unlikely alliance in the 2000s. The transfer saw one of the greatest generational goalscorers become a Rossoblù hero

Serie A Transfer Market Stories: Milito and Genoa, “Il Principe è Rossoblù!”

The relationship between Diego Milito and Genoa appeared like a match made in heaven. The Argentinian became one the most prolific goalscorers across Europe in the 2000s. But Il Principe (“The Prince”) took an unexpected journey to the top of Italian football after his formative years in Argentina and a goal-laden spell in Spain.
The story of Zico and Udinese was intriguing. One of the best players in world football moved to Udine to stun the football world

Serie A Transfer Market Stories: Zico’s Sensational Move to Udinese

In the late 1970s and early 80s, Zico was a global sensation and his move to Udinese in 1983 sparked bewilderment across the globe. The small Brazilian was a renowned set piece taker, creator, and visionary, often operating in the number 10 role. Zico made over 200 appearances for Brazilian side Flamengo before moving to Udine.