Meanwhile in Moscow: Vamos a Ganar, Argentina!

Argentina put their heart beyond criticism tonight, as they prevailed 2-1 over Nigeria to sneak into the World Cup Round of 16 from the second place of Group D. An extremely important win for coach Jorge Sampaoli’s selection, which came at the end of some pretty stormy days. Goals by Lionel Messi and Marcos Rojo vanified Victor Moses' penalty equaliser.

Meanwhile in Moscow: Croatia Crush Argentina 3-0

Too bad to be true. The Argentinian squad seen last night was an embarrassing collection of horrors assembled by their confused coach Jorge Sampaoli. Croatia, on the other hand, are one of the most dangerous side seen in the World Cup so far. They showed no mercy for the confused Albiceleste, which are now hanging by a thread in Pool C.

Meanwhile in Moscow: Messi Bumps Into Iceland Wall

Everyone was calling for Lionel Messi to respond to Cristiano Ronaldo’s bullying debut. Underdog Iceland looked like a comfortable test on paper, yet the hero of the day turned out to be Icelandic goalkeeper Hannes Halldorsson, who saved a penalty from La Pulce and led his side to a stunning 1-1 tie with Argentina in the opening match of World Cup Pool D.

Meteore Mondiali: Goycochea, l’ammazza-sogni delle Notti Magiche

Sergio Goycoechea was not even supposed to play in World Cup 1990, as the starting goalkeeper of Argentina was undoubtedly Nery Pumpido. But when Pumpido suffered an injury, the first choice became this unknown goalie with a cowboy face, who ended up leading the Albiceleste up to the Final match, shattering Italy's Notti Magiche dreams along the way.

Meteore Mondiali: Gotze, eroe solo per una sera

Scoring the decisive goal during a World Cup Final: Could you ask more from a 22-year-old boy? Mario Gotze is the man who in 2014 made Germany celebrate their fourth world title. Everybody would have bet on a shining future for him. Instead, Gotze slowly declined in the following four years, up to the point that he was not selected for the upcoming World Cup.