La Copa de Carlos: Brazil Prevail in Semifinal Clasico de America

There’s no wonder why Brazil–Argentina - El Clasico de America - is always regarded as a legendary game. No matter in which tournament the two South American giants face each other, the level of intensity and passion they put never disappoints anyone. That was also the case on Tuesday when Brazil beat the Albiceleste 2-0 in the first Semifinal of the Copa America 2019.

Meanwhile in Moscow: Neymar Extends Mexican World Cup Curse

Still not a sparkling Brazil the one seen yesterday in Samara, but a solid and concrete team. That was enough for the Selecao to move into the Quarter Finals, in a World Cup with a keen for brusquely showing the exit door to most of the favorite teams. Coach Tite’s selection moved past Mexico with goals by Neymar and Roberto Firmino.