The History and Teams of the Sammarinese Football Championship

Three Feathers, Three Flowers, The Flowering One, The Walled One…The names of football clubs in San Marino are poetic and charming, drawing from Italian and from Latin to convey an image of calcio whose dimension is still genuine and down-to-earth. Here is a short history of the local league and its participating teams.
Andy Selva of San Marino scores against Liechtenstein (Photo: ©FSGC)

San Marino, a History of Football Atop the Mount Titano

Somewhere in the middle of Italy, surrounded by the Belpaese territory, lies a microstate with a strong identity and a long-lasting history, even when it comes to football. San Marino is a minuscule country perched atop the Appennine Mountains. Here is a short story of their passion for calcio, in partnership with the local Football Association.