Zola Offers Sympathy for Players Implicated in Betting Scandal

The saga came into light in early August when convicted felon Fabrizio Corona accused actors in the Italian football world of gambling and betting addiction. Nicolò Zaniolo, Stephan El-Sharaawy and Nicola Zalewski have also been accused of betting infractions. Italy icon Gianfranco Zola has expressed his opinion on the betting scandal.

On Her Majesty’s Service: Zola’s Inspiring Love Affair With Chelsea

The Premier League is home to hundreds of overseas players, but go back twenty years or so and there were much fewer in the English top-flight than there is today. Foreign players were seen as exotic, flamboyant and simply different from what English football fans were used to. One player who was certainly different, but for all the right reasons, was Gianfranco Zola.