Italy – Lithuania 5-0: Kean and Raspadori Cast Away Mancini’s Doubts

Italy wiped out Lithuania on Wednesday night to restart their march after two draws in a row and get closer to booking their ticket to World Cup 2022. After back to back ties, Roberto Mancini reshuffled his cards and put the front line's responsibility on the shoulders of Moise Kean and Giacomo Raspadori. Neither of them would betray the coach's trust.

Italy Cruise Past Lithuania to Catch Third Win in World Cup Qualifiers

Roberto Mancini's Italy caught the third win out of three games and extended their non-losing streak to 25 games as they cruised past Lithuania in their last World Cup Qualifiers test in this international break. The Azzurri thus took the lead of Group C with nine points - three more than Switzerland who played only two matches.