Assistant Dispels Some Lingering Rumours About Conte

Antonio Conte has let it be known that he’d like to return to Serie A, and his assistant Christian Stellini did his bidding and downplayed some chatter on Telelombardia (via Goal).

“His desire to be back on the bench is strong. He studied and worked hard during the winter to improve himself and be ready. Maybe there’ll be some tactical innovations in his next spell. He has been preparing them. He’ll bring more modernity and unpredictability to his style.”

Conte doesn’t have a clear preference among his reported suitors, Milan and Napoli.

“There’s no preclusion against any project. How can you not link a top team to a great manager? Milan are a strong side. They have to close the gap with Inter. His history says that he takes over teams that needed to do that and succeeded.”

Despite his track record, teams seem to have reservations about Conte due to his transfer market requests, but Stellini dismissed such a notion.

“It’s false that he wants a hefty budget. He always demanded just ambitious projects, not pricey players. The only one he directly asked for is Romelu Lukaku, who scored 60 goals at Inter and was sold for double what he was acquired for.”

Our Take on Conte

The chatter about Napoli resurfaced pretty strongly in the last few days, but things must not be going too well for him if he needs an assistant cutting a promo in his favor.

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