Bonaventura Agent Needles Fiorentina About Renewal

Giacomo Bonaventura was linked with a surprising move to Juventus in late January. Other than from the midfield-needy Bianconeri, the impetus also derived from his short-term contract. His agent Enzo Raiola dished on it to SportMediaset.

“I’d rather stay silent for a while because I have to converse with the player to understand what he wants to do with his future. I don’t want to speak about the Viola. Maybe I will when the time is right and this saga is over because there are some unclear situations. We’re talking about people who are a little touchy, so I’d rather not.”

Bonaventura would reportedly like to get a new contract, while Fiorentina prefer simply picking up their option to extend it. Raiola continued.

“The renewal? I’m open, and my phone is always on. Maybe others are making different considerations. He continues on his journey. He’s a serious professional and doesn’t have any problems. We’ll discuss later on. It’s premature at this stage. When the moment comes, we’ll sit down with them and inform everybody.”

Our Take on Fiorentina and Bonaventura

Apparently, there’s no negotiation involving the Viola that’s completely devoid of drama. Maybe their irritation comes from a request to be let go for free. Perhaps he wouldn’t mind finishing his career at a top club even with a smaller role, but that would be an issue for the management as he’s still essential to them, and his departure wouldn’t fetch much given his age.

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