Buffon Reveals His Proudest Moment as Juventus Captain

Gianluigi Buffon opened up about his present and past in an interview: “I keep playing because I feel good. I still believe to be a strong goalkeeper and to be helpful to my teammates. That is why I chose to return to Parma. I knew I could have brought some emotions and values and that I could perform at my peak here. It was the best solution to stay at a high level.”

The goalkeeper spoke to beIN Sports: “The comeback against Real Madrid was my proudest moment as the Juventus captain. I recall that night very well, and I am still emotional about it. Only a strong group filled with courage and fierce fighting spirit could have believed in pulling off something like that. We were really strong enough to do it. It was a warm feeling I did not experience on other occasions.” 

Buffon revealed that he almost quit when he originally left Juventus: “In March that year, they asked me if I wanted to retire. I told them yes, as it seemed fair to me. Jokingly, I said that if PSG, Real Madrid, or Barcelona came calling, I would consider them. The French club contacted me 20 days later, and I accepted. I was fascinated by a team with so much potential in the Champions League. That was an important motivation, plus I was interested in playing abroad.”

The legend has clear plans for when he will hang the gloves up: “I would like to coach a national team rather than a club. Maybe in foreign states across the world, like Australia, for instance.”