De Ketelaere Shares Blame for Milan Flop, Talks Move

Charles De Ketelaere has looked re-energized after his transfer to Atalanta, scoring and assisting once in his first three appearances. He revisited what occurred with Milan from the Belgian setup (via Calciomercato).

“There’s a lot to do when you transfer to a new place: getting used to the country, the tactic, the language. Naturally, it’s partly my fault too if it didn’t work out with the Rossoneri. The season didn’t go as I expected, but I have no regrets.”

De Ketelaere spoke about what went wrong.

“I didn’t always perform at high levels. Coming off the bench, as was often the case, didn’t help. I’m not an explosive player. I’m more at ease when I log big minutes and can enter the flow of a match. The criticism did the rest. I try not to read the papers and isolate myself, but I still hear it. Failing to score was a problem, because that’s what people demand. They don’t just look at the performance. I learned a lot at Milan and have more tactical experience now. It made me a better player.”

De Ketelaere felt the team wanted him to leave.

“They suggested it in part, and I knew I wouldn’t have had much room. I wanted to join a side where I could challenge myself and Atalanta in particular. I play closer to the goal, where I can be at my best.”

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