De Laurentiis Talks Supercoppa, Hints at More Signings

Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis wasn’t pleased with the referee’s performance in the Supercoppa but elected not to dwell in his post-game remarks to SportMediaset.

“I’m sorry for their head, Gianluca Rocchi, who’s going through a nightmare. I could be heavy-handed when I become a fan, but I don’t think it’s needed. The weakness of the referees is manifest this year, and not just to us. He must be very embarrassed now.”

“Competition must also be a fest. Football is no longer spectacular if you send off one man. The League doesn’t work as it clashes with the interests of the clubs. This Supercoppa influences Serie A too. The expulsion will have repercussions on the next game.”

De Laurentiis announced two more purchases.

“We’re in the middle of the window and already completed two signings. Two more are coming. We’re under construction. Kudos to the winners, but I saw a team on the rise despite the absences and the red card. We measured up with Inter, which were a little imprecise.”

De Laurentiis dished on the Supercoppa.

“I opposed it for its date and format. It might have no longer a reason to exist next season given all the UEFA matches. Saudi Arabia? We discovered a very open country. It’ll become the center of the world commercially. Football is smoke and mirrors, and we know they are cunning and smart. We won’t need to wait for the 2030 World Cup to see them on top.”

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