Donnarumma Scorns at Germany Defeat: “Not Just One Culprit”

Italy crashed to their third winless match in League A Group 3 of UEFA Nations League with a 5-2 thrashing at the hands of Germany, and Paris Saint-Germain goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma believed it was a collective result rather than the outcome of individual mistakes.

He spoke to the microphones of Rai Sport (via PianetaMilan) and revealed the anger lingering around the team, especially since their downturn of form since their elimination from the 2022 FIFA World Cup due to the loss against North Macedonia.

“We are furious, there are no excuses. We have look at each other and prove that we are better than this. We missed everything; we felt a little tired. Playing 5 games in 15-20 days at the end of the season is not easy. But we don’t want to find alibs, we will look at each other and analyze everything.”

However, it was what came next from the reporter that enraged the former Milan shot-stopper.

“We all made mistakes, I could have better understood the situation when we were down four-nil and cleared the ball. We have to look at each other. Now we will rest and come back stronger.”

Donnarumma lashed out after it was noted that the blunder against Germany was not his first one.

“When did it happen to me? With Real Madrid?  That was a foul. There was not just one culprit. If you want to blame me, do it. I go ahead with my head held high as I always have.”

The goalkeeper made hoards of impressive saves early in the match but was ultimately judged for his positioning as he serially conceded three goals in a blitz for the scoreline to become 5-0.