FIGC President Shrugs Off Stadium Capacity Increase Anytime Soon

FIGC President Gabriele Gravina has shrugged off reports that Italian stadiums are ready to ‘open-up’ to more crowds as clubs seek approval to allow them to function at atleast 75% capacity.

Ahead of the UEFA Nations League fixtures in Italy – first on October 6 against Spain in the semi-finals, followed by the final on October 10 – there were hopes of increased fan support as the Azzurri playing at home.

Speaking to a press conference (via La Gazzetta dello Sport), the porting director revealed: “At 75 percent capacity? No, we are not ready and cannot organize ourselves at the last moment, we are suffering. I wish I had known a month ago, for everything to have been communicated properly.”

The Technical Scientific Committee (CTS) and the Italian government was expected to give permission to increase capacity from October 1 but Gravina sees that as far-fetched.

“The CTS has not listened to us before and will not listen to us afterwards. But, it is not a top priority since we have not even reached 50 percent capacity at some stadiums so far in the Serie A season. But I understand the suffering of fans in the society,“ he added.

The stadiums in the peninsula are expected to function at a greater capacity as the new year approaches but it remains to be seen.