Florenzi Denies Having Gambled Illegally on His Sport

Alessandro Florenzi was quickly interrogated by the Turin DA’s office after being added to the list of persons under scrutiny in the ongoing inquiry about a racket of illicit gambling sites, which disclosed that a few footballers were partaking. The Milan veteran acknowledged using them but denied having bet on football matches, La Stampa reports.

On Thursday, the defender answered the questions of prosecutor Manuela Pedrotta and the police detectives. His lawyers, Gianluca Tognozzi and Antonio Conte, commented to the press afterward.

“Florenzi clarified his position, admitting to having gambled on unauthorized platforms but confirming his non-involvement in any activity on football. As a matter of fact, there weren’t evidence or clues in that regard.”

If that was the case, the former Roma staple could get away with a fine and avoid a suspension. According to the publication, his name popped up in the chats between the other footballers.

Federal president Gabriele Gravina dished on the matter.

“At the moment, I’ve heard about Florenzi only from the press. It doesn’t seem that there are worrisome elements. We don’t have specific information on the sports side, so we haven’t been informed of any negative position. Should it happen, we’d adopt the double choice of accompanying a harsh punishment with a recovery process, as we have always done so far. But we have nothing on our hands yet.”

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