Former Lazio Youth Coach Sheds Light on Frattesi and Scamacca Futures

Sassuolo have risen among Italian ranks as one of the most promising teams, not only in terms of playing style, but also due to their youth management system that has produced some of Azzurri’s best young players, including Juventus center-half Manuel Locatelli.

The Neroverdi possess some of the country’s best youth players – from Domenico Berardi and Giacomo Raspadori to Davide Frattesi and Gianluca Scamacca. And it is the latter two who are being touted for a move to Inter at the end of the season, thanks to their drastic development of late.

The duo’s youth coach during their respective years in Lazio, Emiliano Leva, has now backed them to make an impressive impact next season at Inter – the club most likely to bag their signatures. Numerous top clubs have been linked to their transfer, but the Nerazzurri remain main suitors for a move in the summer.

During an exclusive interview with FCInter1908, Leva was quizzed regarding Scamacca’s most recent performance against Inter in the 2-0 win.

“They had an excellent match. Gianluca also scored yet another goal, which is becoming a theme. He would be perfect for Inter’s style of play, and for the way that they ask the forwards to get through on goal,” he started.

He then took his time to explain the 23-year-old striker’s qualities.

Leva said: “I believe he’s a versatile striker who could do well in any league, Italy or abroad. He could be decisive in other leagues as well.”

The former coach believes Frattesi has ‘everything to become one of the best Azzurri midfielders’.

“He has everything to become one of the best Italian midfielders. He can play many roles in midfield, and versatility is certainly an element that works in his favour,” he commented.

Both Frattesi and Scamacca have been key to Alessio Dionsi’s outfit this season and are already looking like mature players with a point to prove.