Italiano Wary of Inter Clash, Urges Fiorentina to Be up to the Task

Fiorentina coach Vincenzo Italiano previewed the Inter game today. He began by praising Riccardo Saponara, who decided the Genoa match: “He was great because everybody knows he can be deciding off the bench. He can be extremely helpful. We will see whether he will start tomorrow as Nicolas Gonzales is dealing with some fatigue. Gaetano Castrovilli is out but will be back soon.” 

“I did not expect to pick up these many points right away. I hoped and believed we could do it, though. We reached a strong level in a short amount of time. The group shows a great spirit. We earned this level of attention, and it is a reason of pride. Inter are the champions and fared well in the last game. They will come in with high self-esteem. It is not easy to prepare the clash in a single practice.”

“This is brand-new Fiorentina, and we must not look at the past. We have to focus on the future. You can not be perfect after just four matches. We have to fuel the enthusiasm that surrounds us. We are missing 31 points to achieve our first goal. Our fans are superb.” 

“Our obsession must be to display on game-day what have been doing in practice. Inter will be the most challenging opponent we have faced thus far. But I want the lads to use what we have been rehearsing and studying. Fiorentina have been very compact thus far, and the players helped each other a lot.”

“We have to be fearful of Inter. They have had some great performances, even against Real Madrid. They are in strong shape physically and mentally, and they are very cynical. But Fiorentina could measure up to them if we kept up the same attitude we had thus far.”