Juventus About to Renew Their Efforts for Koopmeiners

Juventus have formally acquired Douglas Luiz and are on the verge of adding Khephren Thuram, but they continue to be very keen on Teun Koopmeiners. Such a pursuit took a backseat to their other moves in June. Other deals needed to be finalized more quickly.

According to Alfredo Pedullà, the Bianconeri are undeterred by Atalanta’s massive request, around €55M. They have two ways to get there: either include Dean Huijsen in the package, although they’d technically be two separate transfers, or sell the prodigy to another team and put more cash on the table.

Juventus tendered €40M in their most recent offer for Koopmeiners, which wasn’t enough. They have agreed on personal terms with the player a while back. The star hasn’t publicly backtracked after stating he’d depart this summer, even though his team wasn’t necessarily on the same page.

PSG could help the Bianconeri as they have displayed significant interest in Huijsen. The Old Lady also has alternative ways to bring in funds. Matias Soulé is expendable for a considerable sum, €35/40M, while Federico Chiesa has a lower price tag due to his hairy contractual situation.

Our Take on Juventus and Koopmeiners

They have been very determined when they set their sights on somebody this summer, but this is one of their most difficult chases. As the most technical and inventive player and purest no.10 of the bunch, although Douglas Luiz has done it in his own ways, he’d perfectly round out their new-look midfield. Even though he’s been tremendous for two years in a row, they shouldn’t overspend just to prove a point.

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