Juventus Boss Allegri Might Decide to Go Out on Top

Juventus are celebrating the centenary of the Agnelli family’s takeover, and Massimiliano Allegri is firmly at the helm considering the good start. The coach was subjected to some buzz at the end of last season given their front office shake-up, but he was convincingly confirmed.

The Tuscan boss has two more years on his contract and often expressed his desire to see it out. However, if things go well, he might leave early. It could happen in June if the Bianconeri won the Scudetto, La Gazzetta dello Sport informs (via 90min).

After the turmoil and criticism in his second spell, Allegri could elect to bid Juventus farewell while on top, considering his mission to be accomplished. His mentor and confidant Giovanni Galeone had some remarks along the same line before the start of the campaign.

The Bianconeri brass, coach, and even players have carefully avoided stating they aimed at the title to temper expectations, indicating a top-four finish as the objective for 2023/2024. But they are thinking about it behind the scenes. The Milan clash might be a watershed moment.

Our Take on Juventus and Allegri

It’d be quite a reversal of fortunes after the fans called for his head for the better part of the last two years. It wouldn’t be too surprising, but his supreme level of comfort and power in Turin might keep him glued to the bench until he’s somehow ousted.

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