Juventus Not Close to Zaniolo Despite His Love Letter

Nicolò Zaniolo surprisingly revealed to be a Juventus fan in an interview, but the Bianconeri aren’t working to sign him at the moment. He’d their top target should they make an addition up front, but that’s not currently in their plans, Alfredo Pedullà informs.

The possible chase of the ex-Roma star hinges on the future of Federico Chiesa. He’s potentially available for €50M since his contract expires in 2024, and the extension talks haven’t started. Liverpool and Newcastle have poked around, but there haven’t been real bids thus far. The Galatasaray attacker has a €35M release clause, but the fee could be negotiated down to €22/25M. Moreover, his team is keen on some Bianconeri outcasts.

Zaniolo stated his wish to join Juventus in an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“I’ve always supported them. My idol was Paul Pogba. They are a great club, Champions League or not. If the opportunity came to be and made all three parties happy, then good. Otherwise, I’m great in Turkey. I haven’t raised expectations about it. I’m fine with any outcome.”

Our Take on Zaniolo and Juventus

It’d be an okay succession plan, as the profit would be robust, and the prospective newcomer is a purer striker than Chiesa, whose fit in 3-5-2 is a bit awkward. On the other hand, the former Viola winger is better, more consistent, and less controversial when fully fit. His short-term contract is an issue, but the Bianconeri could bite the bullet and wait a year, hoping for a serene campaign and for the renewal talks to advance before putting him up for sale.

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